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Power of Conversational Hypnosis – One of The Best Selling Online Courses

Author Joe Vitale on Igor's Power of Conversational Hypnosis course

Power of Conversational Hypnosis is one of the best hypnosis courses out there, created by master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski.

Power of Conversational Hypnosis is not a physical audio course, it is a covert hypnosis course consisting of downloadable audios (over 18 hours total including the bonus audios) with transcripts of every word  including the bonus audio sessions.

It also includes the Language Pattern Cards, the Milton Model handouts, Gorgias by Plato and the 9-Step "Cheat Sheets" Blueprint so you can master conversational hypnosis faster.

How did Power of Conversational Hypnosis program come to be?

Igor Ledochowski answers this question in an interview with Adam Eason from Hypnosis Weekly:

[You can listen to and download the full audio interview at Hypnosis Weekly]

Adam Eason: Welcome back Igor Ledochowski. As I mentioned earlier, I've known Igor...um...you know, from the large part of my career. Yet when I was just getting to grips with online sales of hypnosis audio products, he was busy taking the world by storm.

His conversational hypnosis program absolutely sang its way to the top of the charts at Clickbank and made a great impression all over the world. Such was the influence that this program has having that I actually quipped during a conference presentation a few years ago, that most young hypnotist these days simply said to me, when I grow up I want to be able to speak like Igor.

Igor is exponentially more than a single application of hypnosis such as conversational hypnosis would suggest, as I've already discussed but I wanted to explore this particular program almost made it so successful and to really understand what it actually is.

So that's what we discuss here. Here is this week's professional discussion with Igor Ledochowski. Do enjoy.

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Adam Eason: So, I'm rejoined now with Igor Ledochowski. And at the end of our earlier interview in today's show, one of the things that Igor was saying towards the end there, and we were just talking about the main websites to go to discover more about Igor's work. And one of them was that the website of the Conversational Hypnosis Program.

Igor mentioned that it was one of the things that really helped propel his career. And certainly it's one of the things that, I you know, I would consider it to be a real phenomena, a major phenomena of modern hypnosis. On so many different levels.

Igor welcome back.

Igor Ledochowski: Thank you, thank you, I'm pleased to be back, thank you.

Adam Eason: First of all, tell us a little bit about the background of this program. You know, how did it come to be.

Igor Ledochowski: So...thank you for the question, first of all, thank you for the plug. So here's what happened...as I mentioned previously I used to be a lawyer and I was at a very high-powered firm in the UK. And so, you know, this idea of... I was working with a very... I guess you can say elite or elitist clientele. I was working with high-level executives at big banks, mostly. Sometimes high-level executives in large corporations.

And there's a dream there the whole dot com boom area, I was actually involved in the IPOs, you know , that was my specialty field. So it's a really sexy, really exciting time. And I did like that, I mean when I say that, you know, I was working too hard all the rest of it, it's true. 

And ultimately my heart wasn't in chuckling money from one account to another so much. I didn't feel I was making that much of a difference, but I did enjoy the process of learning about a new company going the IPO and so on.

And especially, I really...when I was thinking making the transition from a lawyer to a hypnotist, a lot of people made fun of me, of course, because I was going from the pinnacle of my profession to basically, you know, with...as they were concerned, reading tarot cards in street corners, right?

And they didn't see my vision, of course. And I sat and really thought about this and I asked myself, what did I really like about my job, because it wasn't all misery and gloom, it wasn't at all, right? It's just...I didn't love the law enough to make those sacrifices. 

But there are many things I did enjoy and I had really enjoyed working with a high caliber of clients. Really smart people, really motivated people and, well, the fact that you can get well paid by them that the idea of spending, you know, large chunks of change was really no problem to them. That didn't hurt either, right?

So, then I looked at the hypnotherapy business model and it wasn't really a business model at the time, I just thought charging by the session. And I thought, this is gonna be a lot of work and it's true, right? You have to rethink the traditional hypnotherapy model for it to work properly.

And then I ask myself well, I really enjoyed working with these executives, well...why don't I just rebrand as an executive coach as well, so I'll have my therapy practice for the people who can't afford me as a coach, and I'll work with the people that I really like working with as a lawyer, only now I get paid all the money instead of my law firm, right?

Adam Eason: Yeah

Igor Ledochowski: And bear in mind, in the UK at the time, the idea of coaching was only just beginning... and the idea of executive coaching did not exist. No one understood what it meant. I went from, you know,... high-end, like accountancy firms, I went to, you know, a fortune 500 companies and no one understood what this thing was in the UK because it didn't exist.

It only had just started getting some traction in the u.s. at the time, which is where the idea kind of borrowed its way into my mind. But then you got to picture this scenario. I'm 27 years old, I've just left my law firm, right?

My average... the average executive I'm looking at is gonna be in their late 40s, early 50s. Almost twice my age, right? I know nothing about nothing about nothing when it comes to business. I don't know anything, I know this, right?

There's only one ace I have up my sleeve and I can't use it. It's hypnosis, right? And just the idea of taking out a pocket watch dangling in front of the CEO of a multinational corporation saying, you know, and then for him to go to a shareholder say, oh yeah, I got hypnotized doing this it was a really good deal, right? That's just doesn't work. So... and this is partly fueled by the whole Ericksonian thing.

One of the reasons I was so passionate about Erickson, because Erickson had what I would call a semi conversational approach. In the sense...at the time I thought was pure conversational but I've changed my mind in that sense. The idea was, you know, he talked to you and next thing you knew you'd be in this deep trance and wonderful things would happen. And the reason I call it semi covert is because you knew something was happening it's just you had no idea what it was, right?

And I mind...I cannot tell you how obsessively I mind through his materials, his books, his audio tapes, his videos weren't available than other than the Monde tapes at the time. 

And I interrogated people who had been personal students of his to kind of try and get the secret sauce out of this, because I knew that if I can convert hypnosis into a conversational setting and setting like you and I are having right now, and still have access to the hypnotic effects, shall we say, not the phenomenon necessarily because I doesn't fit a coaching to our session, but the effects of instant transformation, if you like, or instant problem resolution which is probably a bit more accurate, then I've got a winner here.

Then I can justify even at the age of 27 going in and saying, I have something that you don't have access to in other ways, and I don't have to know the solution anymore. I just have to get you to the point where you can find the solution given your experiences which are much greater than mine anyways, right?

And so that's really the birthplace of it. It took me a long long time to polish and refine it. In fact I'm still polishing and refining it now, but I'd say it took me about a year to tweak out just the crude basic elements of what has now become my approach to conversational hypnosis.

And even those elements started working really well and I started getting clients, and I started getting other people referring me to clients like... who had like golden client lists bringing me and admittedly they did get a cut which is of course an incentive, but they still wouldn't had done that if I was going to mess up the actual work, right? Because they would lose their client this too.

So, it worked well enough for me to have confidence this is the right approach and so I started developing it and testing things and eventually I had a really small body of knowledge that I started teaching privately at first. And, of course, the iterations have improved with each generation that I've been rethinking it

And that's eventually when when...Cliff (Clifford Mee) is my business partner, so when he and I started working together that was the the first program that we launched I actually rerecorded it which at the time I hated doing, I thought, we had done the work, why don't we just have that?!

And of course right now I'm a lot less arrogant than I was back then, and I realized there was a really good thing to keep re recording keep recreating the content that you have because I've grown and the contents grown and stuff that that I thought was the right way to do things, you know 10 years ago. 

I'd say now is just a crude way of doing things and there are better ways or there's an essence of an approach there that can be refined, so why should I get stuck with what I used to be and not what I've become, right?

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Podcast source: Hypnosis Weekly

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How Igor Ledochoski Went From A Lawyer To Master Hypnotist

How did Igor Ledochowski decide to become a master hypnotist like he is today?

Check out the following interview of Igor by Adam Eason:

Adam Eason: ...I'm delighted to welcome to Hypnosis Weekly, Igor Ledochowski. Igor, welcome to hypnosis weekly.

Igor Ledochowski: Oh, Thank you Adam, it's a wonderful to be here and it's it's a real pleasure to be speaking with you again.

Adam Eason: Yeah, yeah. So let's get straight into it, tell us a little bit about yourself. First of all can you tell us about about your background, how you got into this field?

Igor Ledochowski: Sure.

Adam Eason: And how you arrived at where you are now.

Igor Ledochowski: Sure. So the route as for many hypnotist was a bit twisty, in the sense that as a child when I was young as a teenager I was fascinated by the powers of the mind.

You know, I've read all kinds of books. And back then in the 80s I was living in London, and you couldn't find anything on hypnosis and most of the stuff that was, you know, on power of the minds were some strange psychic phenomena and whatnot. 
So, you know, I read about stuff but I didn't really do much with it. And then I remember when I went to university the same year when a big family reunion and some family members there from the US they mentioned a self-improvement method based on self hypnosis and how it helped them. 

Click here to download the full interview in audio. If you are interested in learning covert hypnosis, I recommend Igor's Power of Conversational Hyposis program.

And I was fascinated so I thought I've got to look this thing up and try it out, which of course I did, and I really enjoyed it. I really...the bug bit me, I enjoyed the self hypnosis, it helped me with my studies a lot. It helped me for some personal stuff, not some of those stuff but you know, it's just the start of my journey.

So I was fascinated throughout my student years with it. And there lots of little experiments and I've had fun with it, but then because I was studying law, I became a lawyer. And actually the self hypnosis has helped me get a job at a very prestigious law firm as well, which I was delighted by.

At that point I kind of drew a line in the sand, I thought I was going to be a lawyer for the rest of my days. And in about a year in, I was working incredibly hard. This is a place where you're working till 10 o'clock at night every day ,work until 4:00 a.m. you know, once or twice a week was not unusual. Every other weekend I'd be at work. So, slowly but surely over the years my entire life was becoming law.

I saw all my old friends was trying to fall away because they're doing their own things. I couldn't go out, I wasn't going... I was just... law, surrounded by it all and at that point I thought, I've got to do something different. Something that has nothing to do with this field because I'm going crazy. And that's when I went back to....what I enjoyed doing before, and the two things I really enjoyed were martial arts and hypnosis
So, I thought of two, hypnosis is completely off the charts different. So I enrolled in a like a year-long school, one of these weekend a month course things. And then for the next two years I spend every spare moment I had, every weekend I had to pair every piece of holiday I had. I booked on to some kind of hypnosis training, because I was was hooked and...partly out of desperation, of course, partly because it was just fascinating.

And after about two years of this, maybe two and a half years of this journey, I finally decided that this is it, I'm really enjoying myself for a tiny fraction of the year when I much not doing law. And the rest of the time I'm just looking forward to my next holiday, which is not a real holiday, I'm actually sitting down in school to learn stuff. And I figured, you know the writing's on the wall here, I might as well do what I love for a living rather than, you know, make a living doing something that I find less than satisfying, right?

Adam Eason: Yeah.

Igor Ledochowski: And that's sort of where the whole ball, the whole momentum started from that point.

Igor Ledochowski's Power of Conversational Hypnosis

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Learn Conversational Hypnosis - Master This with the "ABSAIL" Formula

Learn Conversational Hypnosis
Learn conversational hypnosis

Are you interested in mastering covert or conversational hypnosis?

If yes, then that's great!

Anybody can learn and master conversational hypnosis, but honestly it will require some hard work and skills. It won't be instant.

The reason is because conversational hypnosis involves dealing with a person’s sub conscious mind using casual language, gestures and suggestions. This is done while making sure that the person does not suspect the secret communication happening.

Here's an example.

Let’s say you are thinking to insist your partner to have Mexican meal as an alternative for Chinese food, or you want to get a specific client for your company. With the help of conversational hypnosis, you can achieve such targets. The best thing about this is that the hypnosis process can be learned pretty easily but only with the right amount of guidance.

What can you get from learning conversational hypnosis?

Well, here are some benefits you may gain:

  • Help others solve their problems
  • Convince your colleagues and boss to agree with your ideas
  • Make your spouse act much more generously and lovingly
  • Make your kids (including aggressive teens) follow your rules upon kind requests
  • Become a more influential and respected person
  • And more!

To learn conversational hypnosis techniques effectively and skillfully, you can apply the “ABSAIL Formula” from master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski.


What is ABSAIL?

Every letter stands for each step that is included in the whole process of learning conversational hypnosis. What the letters stand for is mentioned below:

A - Absorb Attention
B - Bypass the Critical Factor
S - State Charge
A - Augment
I - Intensify
L - Link to Action

Wondering how to apply this conversational hypnosis formula?

Read on to know better.

Absorb Attention

If you are thinking of convincing someone into something, then the very first thing you need to see is that whether they have your attention or not. The key is to make them get well what you want them to understand in your actions and your words as well.

Otherwise, even if you get their attention you won’t be able to hold it for long as they will be easily distracted due to your boring speech.

How can you get them to focus?

You can do that in plenty of ways. The very easy and known way to get their attention is by telling a story first.

This is the very method which teachers adopt for kindergarten students to get them attentive in class. As toddlers can keep their attention at one thing for less time, this is why teachers constantly do different things to keep them captivated.

If they don't get the kids' attention, then they might create fuss in the classroom. However, when the teacher tells a story, every kid in the class stops whatever they are doing and focus on the teacher.

Therefore, once you already get the attention, you can ultimately enter into the next step of the formula to learn...

Bypass the Critical Factor

Activities such as reading your favorite book, listening to your favorite music, watching movies, etc can free your mind from stressful thoughts and make you more relaxed.

When you are doing such activities, you are leaving all your worries behind. You are enjoying what you are watching, listening to, or reading.

This means that the conscious mind will not be able to involve in and judge.

As you get hooked into the scene and become interested, this makes you involved in the moment emotionally and physically which allows you to get everything you are reading, watching or listening.

That's how bypassing the critical factor works in conversational hypnosis.

Bypassing someone’s critical factor means that you involve them wholly into the situation so that convincing them will become easy. To get to this point, telling a story is the best option.

Thus, you have to dig a little deeper into their minds, get their attention and retain it.

State Change

In conversational hypnosis, it is necessary to change someone's mood.


Now think about this: Is it possible to sleep if you are anxious? Is it possible to persuade someone when s/he is gloomy? Is it easy to do?

Well, it certainly is not.

Therefore, that's why it is necessary to change one’s mood before you can influence someone. Usually, people who are mad and furious won’t just listen to a word anyone says.

Now here's the thing.

Generally, there are two reasons to use conversational hypnosis with someone: to make them start doing something, or to make them stop doing something

Therefore, your job is to help them get into the correct state of mind and mood so that they can achieve whatever their goal is.

Changing anyone’s state of mind can be done in various ways.

If you already get their attention at once using a story, then make sure that you retain their attention as well. You can make use of metaphors, pictures and anecdotes to get the person into the required state of mind.

Augment and Intensify

These last two steps are related to each other.

“Augment and intensify” is the point where you would have to argue and intensify the emotions of your subject.

If you are dealing with a smoker, then you have to start by making them feel how good their lives would be without smoking. To intensify their emotions, tell them about their healthy lungs, no more coughing, and how they will have much more energy for their daily routines.

You can also tell them that they will have more money to spend on other things rather than cigarettes. They will have more power, time and health to do their everyday activities. The end of smoking will be a new beginning for their lives.

Link to Action

Now this is the time when their emotions are high in the sky and they will automatically be imagining their new lives already. They will build up hope for themselves and will build up the urge to strive for it as well.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to tie those positive emotions to an action in accordance with the goals they want to achieve.

For example, if they want to lose weight, tie the positive emotions to actions such as going to the gym on the way home from work, giving up on fast food, eating more vegetables, etc.

Make sure that the actions will give them a sense of purpose and make them think “If I do this, I know I’ll be able to lose weight.”

But the difficult part comes when you would have to convince them to continue their hard work of quitting smoking as well. Not only for smoking but whatever the goal of the person is, you should persuade them to do the right thing by giving them new hope and letting them see the bright side of everything.

How's that?

If you would like to learn conversational hypnosis, then make sure you check out The Power of Conversational Hypnosis course by Igor Ledochowski. It's highly recommended!

Igor Ledochowski is a master covert hypnotist and a great teacher. Here's one hypnosis demonstration from him:


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Igor Ledochowski - Is He the Real Deal?

Igor Ledochowski at one of his workshops

"Igor who?"

He is probably not as famous as Derren Brown or Paul McKenna.

But when it comes to teaching hypnosis, Igor Ledochowski is definitely one of the best out there. He is a good hypnotist, and what's more important is, he is also passionate about teaching!

So if you are interested in learning how to hypnotize anyone, you can count on him.

Who is Igor Ledochowski?

Igor Alexander Ledochowski, LLB, MHT, MTT, MNLP, C.H. (NGH)  is a hypnotist who is also known as an author, NLP trainer, covert hypnosis trainer, certified master hypnosis trainer, and certified success life coach. He once was a professional lawyer in England and decided to learn hypnosis to improve his career. He turned into an avid learner of hyposis, studied everything about hypnosis day and night, until he finally became a master hypnotist.

If he is not as famous as Paul McKenna, it is understandable because McKenna is in fact one of his mentors when he was learning hypnosis.

In the year 2002, Igor was already trusted by The London College of Clinical Hypnosis to teach master classes in the science of mind. Various big companies, including Proctor & Gamble, then hired him to share his knowledge on using covert hypnosis and persuasion. His success in the corporate world ensured him to start his own hypnotherapy clinic to help people overcome their problems such as phobias and weight issues.

Igor Ledochowski Wikipedia

Is there a wiki on him?

Right now he hasn't got his own wiki yet, but he is mentioned in a Wikipedia article as one of the notable members of the Ledochowski family. It is also mentioned that he is the present day nephew of Wladimir Ledochowski.


Even though he doesn't have his own Wikipedia, it doesn't mean that he isn't a good trainer!

There used to be a wiki about him, but it has been removed because it appears that right now he doesn't meet the requirements yet. He once complained about the deletion of his page:

Wiki Discussion

However, you don't need to have your own Wikipedia page to be a great teacher.

In my opinion, Igor is a master trainer. I have learned a lot from his products / courses.

Igor Ledochowski Products

Since he is also passionate about teaching, he now has created various courses on hypnosis, including The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, one of the most popular courses in the world on covert hypnosis.

Several of his products are:

1. The Deep Trance Training Manual

The Deep Trance Training Manual is a 128-page book first published in February 2003. It is a quick read, but it contains valuable information for those who want to learn more about deep trance phenomena. In addition to theoretical principles, the book also shows various practical exercises on hypnosis.

2. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

This audio course is one of the most popular on the subject. Igor's The Power of Conversational hypnosis reveals the techniques of how to use covert hypnosis to influence and persuade people. The "mind-control" techniques can be used by anyone to help others, such as health professionals, therapists, salespeople, parents, students, etc. Igor also provides transcripts for his audios.

3. Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed

If you want to learn how to "put people under your spell", you can get Igor's Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed. The program consists of 7 main mp3 audio programs and 3 bonus sessions. There is also a PDF guide (370 pages) consisting the transcripts of the audio programs plus additional information.

4. The Money In Your Mind

The Money In Your Mind is a program consisting of 15 DVDs and 9 CDs. It is a wealth course designed to help you change your attitude, mindset, and actions so you can be "in synch" with true wealth. Igor Ledochowski himself is a self-made millionaire, so he really knows what he's talking about.

His other products / courses are: The Power of Self Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results Home Study Program, Conversational Hypnosis Videos, Profiling Secrets, The YES Deck, Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Home Study Program (sold out at the time of writing), and many more.

Igor Ledochowski Reviews
What Do The Experts Say About Him?

One of my favorite authors who is also a hypnotist, Joe Vitale, says:

"Igor Ledochowski continues to surprise me. I've studied nearly everything and everyone there is to study in hypnosis, but Igor has a knack for creating powerful, complete mini-lessons so that anyone can learn to perform hypnosis using everyday conversation.

"Igor truly is a master teacher."

Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale 
Star of "The Secret" Movie 
Author of the best-selling book "Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words" and a lot more

Dr. Danieal L. Araoz, author and professor from Long Island University says:

“Even after 40 years of studying hypnosis, I am impressed with Igor Ledochowski's contribution to the field”

Dr. Daniel L. Araoz
American Board of Professional Hypnosis,
Professor of Mental Health Counseling,
Long Island University
Author of  "The New Hypnosis in Family Therapy"

What Do His Students Say About Him?

Here's a video of several of his students' testimonials:

Want To Be Good At Persuading and Influencing People with Covert Hypnosis Like Igor?



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The Money In Your Mind Review


Master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski is not only good at teaching others how to hypnotize someone.

Igor is not just a master hypnotist, but he is also a Certified Success Life Coach and Trainer, so he is also great at teaching how to have a wealthy mindset like what famous coaches such as Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, and others do.

His excellent DVD training program on how you can be wealthier is called The Money In Your Mind.

What Is “The Money In Your Mind”?

The Money In Your Mind is a DVD course created by world renowned professional hypnotist and self-made millionaire Igor Alexander Ledochowski, consisting of 15 DVDs and 8 bonus CDs.

This training program is actually a recording of Igor giving a private and exclusive 2-day training to 9 people. The private seminar took place in a $16 million luxury mansion in the Bahamas.

One of the attendees of the private training was Bob Cobb from Ultimate Financial Advisor, Inc.

Bob Cobb

What will you get in the program?

Quick-Start Audio CD

First, you will get a quick start guide audio CD. This audio CD lasts for about one hour, and it is important that you do not skip this as this will help you tremendously to get the most out of the Money In Your Mind training program.

Then, you will also get 15 professionally filmed DVDs about Igor Alexander Ledochowski giving a private training to his 9 clients in a luxury mansion in the Bahamas.

Each of the DVD lasts for about 60 to 80 minutes.

In the DVDs, you will not only see Igor speaks, but you will also see the interactions between him and his attendees.

DVD #1 is called “The Wealth Blueprint That Makes You Rich”

This DVD starts with the introduction, where Igor emphasizes that The Money In Your Mind is not a get rich quick program.

I guess I need to repeat this:

The Money In Your Mind is not a get rich quick program!

And then it continues when Igor reveals the wealth blueprint that makes you rich, why the rich are getting richer, how to see the world as wealthy people do, and more.

DVD #2 is called “How To Automatically Raise Your 'Inner Wealth Ceiling'”

This part talks about the rich and their relationship to money, why Igor argues that we don't have the right to be reach, but we have a duty to be rich instead, and more.

DVD #3 is called “Destroy The Poverty Virus So Wealth Can Flourish”

Igor reveals the single biggest reason people never really get rich , the cure for the poverty virus, which is much easier than we think, and more.

DVD #4 is called “The Easy Way To Tap Your Own Financial Genius”

In this Money In Your Mind program, Igor reveals that you can be rich no matter how much your income is. In this part, he reveals the low-income miracle: how an unskilled worker managed to build a $4.5 million fortune! (and this is replicable to all of us).

DVD #5 is called “How to Grow Your Wealth On Autopilot”

Igor reveals “The Master Wealth Formula”, which is the subtle differences from what you know now (that change everything), what an old farmer knows about lasting wealth, and more.

DVD #6 is called “The Money Machine That Sets You Free”

Igor exposes how you can become much richer without getting a pay raise or otherwise increasing your current income, a new way of thinking that turns paupers into princess, and more.

DVD #7 is called “Hollywood's Nasty Conspiracy To Keep You In Debt”

Igor shows the trap that you must avoid at all costs regarding how to make money. He also reveals why you should not get your role models of wealth from TV and the movies.

DVD #8 is called “How To REALLY Make Money While You Sleep”

Igor talks about the 3 best and also easiest ways to earn money while you sleep. He also talks about the myth that high income equals freedom and what's really true.

DVD #9 is called “"Wealth Traps" That Cost You Money”

DVD #10 is called “Money Systems - Your Rock-Solid Key To Long-Term Wealth”

DVD #11 is called “A Simple Mental Shift That Turns Ideas Into Instant Cash”

DVD #12 is called “The Most Important Predictor of Wealth Ever Discovered”

DVD #13 is called “The Best Way To Speed Up Getting Rich”

DVD #14 is called “The Money In Your Mind – Advanced Secrets”

DVD #15 is called “The REAL Secret to Wealth: What Separates Billionaires from Millionaires” 

Screenshots of The Money In Your Mind DVDs

In the DVDs, as a hypnotist, Igor also guides the training attendees to practice MEMEs (Money Expanding Mind Exercises) that you can also practice to transform your wealth thinking and actions, starting at the subconscious level.

However, you will also get separate 8 audio CDs on these MEMEs.

Audio CD #1 is called “The Magic of MEMEs”

This CD contains an overview of how MEMES work for rapid learning and deep change with relaxation, and how to effectively use the MEME CDs.

Audio CD #2 is called “Relax into Riches”

Audio CD #3 is called “Your Vision of Success”

Audio CD #4 is called “Your Wealth Blueprint”

Audio CD #5 is called “Wealth Guardians” Audio CD #6 is called “Your Dreams Into Reality”

Audio CD #7 is called “Your Money Action Team”

Audio CD #8 is called “Getting Richer Every Day”

This audio CD contains easy MEMEs you can apply regularly to reinforce and expand your wealth consciousness. This includes a "reset" session, so that if overwhelm occurs, you can use this MEME to get rid of stress and restore your peace of mind.

If you purchase the complete The Money In Your Mind program, the DVDs will be shipped with free shipping in the USA. If you live in other contries, you will only need to add international $29.97 worldwide shipping.

Kemal Islamoglu, a life coach from Istanbul, Turkey, says the program is really worth the investment.

I've heard some people say that Igor talks a bit fast, so they also include the PDF transcript of the whole DVDs, so if you're not a native English speaker, this will be very helpful.

But what makes The Money In Your Mind different from other similar programs by big speakers such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, etc?

First of all, the teacher / mentor / speaker / coach in The Money In Your Mind program is Igor Ledochowski, and his background is hypnosis. In fact, Igor is one of the best teachers you can find when it comes to hypnosis (especially covert hypnosis) and many of his students from around the world have become successful hypnotists or trainers.

Therefore, Igor's approach is of course different from that of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and other speakers. And since he is an expert in hypnosis, you can count on Igor if you want to change your mindset.

Oh, do you know Joe Vitale, author and one of the experts featured in the movie The Secret?

One of his books, Hypnotic Writing, listed Igor in the bibliography:

Second of all, The Money In Your Mind is a private seminar so the atmosphere is absolutely much more intimate compared to a seminar held in a large hall with thousands of attendees.

The Money In Your Mind is just Igor sitting down teaching what he knows to his 9 students.

In fact, while watching the program, I personally feel like the 10th attendees in the room with Igor.

The private seminar is also interactive, so you will also listen to insightful feedback and questions from the attendees.

But in my opinion, if you've learned a lot of materials from Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, and other big speakers, I'm afraid that there won't anything new in The Money In Your Mind program.
If that is the case, I think the following quote from Bruce Lee is relevant:

That's right, empty the cup.

So if you're ready to "empty your cup" and go through the program, I highly recommend The Money In Your Mind.

What Luke Brady, mental performance artist, says about Igor's program.

What If You Don't Like The Program?

Igor Ledochowski recommends you watch one The Money In Your Mind DVD per day, so you will need just 15 days to complete the training.

But if you don't like the training, you won't have any risk as you have their 60-day iron clad full money back guarantee. So if during those 15 days of trying the program you are not satisfied at all, you can contact them.

This program is sold through Clickbank, and as far as I'm concerned, it is quite easy to get a refund from them. Just check out their support page here:


>> So now why don't you order The Money In Your Mind DVDs today? 


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Thursday, June 5, 2014

*Just $10* For Steve G Jones' Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis!

Dr. Steve G Jones' "Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis" Preview:

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In this conversational hypnosis program from Dr. Steve G Jones, you will learn the following:

1. The advantages of conversational hypnosis, such as for sales, dating, negotiating car prices, and more.

2. The history of conversational hypnosis.

3. How you can persuade people using analog marking (embedded commands) when doing face-to-face conversation, communicating through e-mails, text messaging, phone conversations, and more.

4. How to establish rapport.

5. How to apply pattern interrupt techniques

6. How to persuade people using representational systems (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic)

7. How to apply pacing and mirroring techniques (syntax, posture, breathing, voice tone and tempo, facial expressions, etc.)

8. How to do the hand raise suggestibility test

9. Direct commands

10. Cross over mirroring

11. 5 Alpha Power Patterns

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Steve G. Jones

Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones

Dr. Steve G. Jones is one of the most famous clinical hypnotherapists in the planet whose headquarters are in Savannah, Georgia, with a number of offices in California and New York. Jones publications and recordings on the subject of hypnosis are immense, including content on the law of attraction and self awareness.

He has been in the area of hypnotherapy for more than 33 years with over 20 published books to show for it. Apart from being the American Alliance of Hypnotists' President, Steve G. Jones is also a member of the American Hypnotherapy Board and National Guild of Hypnotists.

While learning at the University of Florida, Dr Jones studied extensively on research focusing on the area of cognitive psychology as well as trying to decipher the way people learn with most of the early research he did published in diverse psychology journals way back in the 1980s. However, even as he immersed himself in the world of academia, Dr. Steve was still practicing hypnosis regularly. Apart from a bachelor's degree in the area of psychology, He has an Education Masters degree including a Doctorate in Education.

He is constantly being called upon to talk to employees and various groups of people courtesy of sales teams for motivation purposes. As a result, Dr Steve has developed a straightforward technique that has consistently and significantly increased sales. He is also constantly working with directors, producers, writers and Hollywood actors to ensure they have accomplished their best. Dr. Steve Jones is famous for his current treatment of people for a number of conditions. These include:

  • Natural childbirth
  • Pre-dental and pre-surgical pain control
  • General wellness
  • IBS
  • Anger management
  • Road rage
  • Nail biting
  • Fears and phobias
  • Test taking
  • Smoking cessation
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss and others

Strong Recommendations

Dr. Steve is a good hypnotist if the tremendous recommendations and support his work and products have received from very important and influential individuals in the society is anything to go by. Some of the people he has helped include Writer of Superman the Movie, Tom Mankiewicz among many other MDs and individuals who want to make a change in their lives.

Others include the star of the popular film, The Secret and writer of The Attractor Factor, a best seller book known as Joe Vitale who considers Dr. Steve to be one of the best hypnotists worldwide, including Jeraldine Saunders of the TV series, Love Boat. While he has had a lot of success at home, Dr. Jones has also received a lot of accolades and roving testimonials from people who have used his audio MP3s, videos and books to accomplish their dreams in a simple and effective manner worldwide.


Dr. Steve Jones products are premised on the fact that each person has goals and dreams he or she would like to accomplish. It is the reason why he has provided lots of hypnosis books, hypnotherapy videos, DVDs, hypnosis audio book among others that cut across the different facets of society. For example, he has so many hypnotic CDs considered to be the most powerful you will ever use to reach the subconscious on general topics, women, men, school, custom, videos and books, business, metaphysics, phobias, sports, dental and health hypnotic CDs.

For example, in hypnosis to improve your health, Dr. Steve teaches how to achieve weight loss in a natural way, avoiding panic attacks, insomnia, stopping the smoking habits and using your mind to boost your immune system. For sports enthusiasts, Dr Steve has content that helps to power the mind to win tennis, golf, bowling, jogging, running and marathon among other sports. His hypnosis also means that you will have the power to use your mind to overcome phobias such as fear of dogs, flying, height, snakes and spiders including lots of CDs, books and audio books to improve a business through achieving the perfect interview, unlimited motivation, fear of public speaking, unlimited confidence, sales mastery and a perfect interview.

Others include CDs and MP3s on NLP for hypnosis, hypnotherapy training video, hypnotic techniques for dating success, advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques, as well as an introduction to hypnosis. If you have problems in controlling anger, nail biting, love or even dental problems, Dr. Steve Jones already has countless content in books, audio books, MP3s and CDs you can use today like many people in America, Europe and other places around the world.

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