Self-Hypnosis – How to Hypnotize Yourself

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If you have something in you to change but don’t want to go to a hypnotherapist, whatever the reason is, no problem. You can always learn and practice self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy when you put yourself in hypnosis with or without the help of sound recordings (CD, MP3, etc). While you don’t have to be a certified hypnotherapist, you definitely need to take your time and practice so you can master self-hypnosis because it is not easy to get over your subconscious mind.

But once you can do it, you can give a wide variety of suggestions to the subconscious mind such as to increase motivation, reduce physical pain, set goals, eliminate bad habits, increase creativity, and many more.

How can you hypnotize yourself?

If you have the right attitude, patience and practice regularly, you can definitely hypnotize yourself. There are various books and courses on self-hypnosis, such as The Power of Self-Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results Home Study Program, if you want to learn from the masters the right way to get hypnotized and achieve your desired results. But don’t worry; you can also learn to do it by yourself as it is not rocket science.

Master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski says that you will have to do these steps to hypnotize yourself:

1. Go into a hypnotic trance

What is trance? It is basically just focusing yourself on just one thing. It is about attentional focus, and it is also about relaxing and feeling good.

2. Have the right attitude

To get your desired results, you will need the right attitude: don’t be in a hurry, take your time, just trust your subconscious mind.

3. Know that everything is going to work out well

To be able to give suggestions to your subconscious mind, you will need to:

1. Have a convincer

With a convincer, you’ll be able to find out whether you’re in hypnosis or not. With this, you’ll know that your mind is in the perfect state.

2. Affirm

Give simple statements to the subconscious mind

3. Visualize

Create a mental picture to create experience

4. Drift

Just let the mind drift easily and effortlessly

Remember, you may not get immediate results with just one session of self-hypnosis. However, in the long run you will start noticing changes. Self-hypnosis is all about positive thoughts and feelings. If you have more serious problems that you can’t handle by yourself, I recommend you go to a qualified hypnotherapist.

If you eventually decide to choose a hypnotherapist, make sure to check whether the person has a good track record to bring about positive changes in his/her clients.

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