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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Igor Ledochowski - Is He the Real Deal?

Igor Ledochowski at one of his workshops

"Igor who?"

He is probably not as famous as Derren Brown or Paul McKenna.

But when it comes to teaching hypnosis, Igor Ledochowski is definitely one of the best out there. He is a good hypnotist, and what's more important is, he is also passionate about teaching!

So if you are interested in learning how to hypnotize anyone, you can count on him.

Who is Igor Ledochowski?

Igor Alexander Ledochowski, LLB, MHT, MTT, MNLP, C.H. (NGH)  is a hypnotist who is also known as an author, NLP trainer, covert hypnosis trainer, certified master hypnosis trainer, and certified success life coach. He once was a professional lawyer in England and decided to learn hypnosis to improve his career. He turned into an avid learner of hyposis, studied everything about hypnosis day and night, until he finally became a master hypnotist.

If he is not as famous as Paul McKenna, it is understandable because McKenna is in fact one of his mentors when he was learning hypnosis.

In the year 2002, Igor was already trusted by The London College of Clinical Hypnosis to teach master classes in the science of mind. Various big companies, including Proctor & Gamble, then hired him to share his knowledge on using covert hypnosis and persuasion. His success in the corporate world ensured him to start his own hypnotherapy clinic to help people overcome their problems such as phobias and weight issues.

Igor Ledochowski Wikipedia

Is there a wiki on him?

Right now he hasn't got his own wiki yet, but he is mentioned in a Wikipedia article as one of the notable members of the Ledochowski family. It is also mentioned that he is the present day nephew of Wladimir Ledochowski.


Even though he doesn't have his own Wikipedia, it doesn't mean that he isn't a good trainer!

There used to be a wiki about him, but it has been removed because it appears that right now he doesn't meet the requirements yet. He once complained about the deletion of his page:

Wiki Discussion

However, you don't need to have your own Wikipedia page to be a great teacher.

In my opinion, Igor is a master trainer. I have learned a lot from his products / courses.

Igor Ledochowski Products

Since he is also passionate about teaching, he now has created various courses on hypnosis, including The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, one of the most popular courses in the world on covert hypnosis.

Several of his products are:

1. The Deep Trance Training Manual

The Deep Trance Training Manual is a 128-page book first published in February 2003. It is a quick read, but it contains valuable information for those who want to learn more about deep trance phenomena. In addition to theoretical principles, the book also shows various practical exercises on hypnosis.

2. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

This audio course is one of the most popular on the subject. Igor's The Power of Conversational hypnosis reveals the techniques of how to use covert hypnosis to influence and persuade people. The "mind-control" techniques can be used by anyone to help others, such as health professionals, therapists, salespeople, parents, students, etc. Igor also provides transcripts for his audios.

3. Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed

If you want to learn how to "put people under your spell", you can get Igor's Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed. The program consists of 7 main mp3 audio programs and 3 bonus sessions. There is also a PDF guide (370 pages) consisting the transcripts of the audio programs plus additional information.

4. The Money In Your Mind

The Money In Your Mind is a program consisting of 15 DVDs and 9 CDs. It is a wealth course designed to help you change your attitude, mindset, and actions so you can be "in synch" with true wealth. Igor Ledochowski himself is a self-made millionaire, so he really knows what he's talking about.

His other products / courses are: The Power of Self Hypnosis For Guaranteed Results Home Study Program, Conversational Hypnosis Videos, Profiling Secrets, The YES Deck, Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Home Study Program (sold out at the time of writing), and many more.

Igor Ledochowski Reviews
What Do The Experts Say About Him?

One of my favorite authors who is also a hypnotist, Joe Vitale, says:

"Igor Ledochowski continues to surprise me. I've studied nearly everything and everyone there is to study in hypnosis, but Igor has a knack for creating powerful, complete mini-lessons so that anyone can learn to perform hypnosis using everyday conversation.

"Igor truly is a master teacher."

Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale 
Star of "The Secret" Movie 
Author of the best-selling book "Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words" and a lot more

Dr. Danieal L. Araoz, author and professor from Long Island University says:

“Even after 40 years of studying hypnosis, I am impressed with Igor Ledochowski's contribution to the field”

Dr. Daniel L. Araoz
American Board of Professional Hypnosis,
Professor of Mental Health Counseling,
Long Island University
Author of  "The New Hypnosis in Family Therapy"

What Do His Students Say About Him?

Here's a video of several of his students' testimonials:

Want To Be Good At Persuading and Influencing People with Covert Hypnosis Like Igor?



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