Jeffrey Stephens - Master of Direct Method Hypnosis

Jeff Stephens was a really good hypnotist.

He passed away in December 2014, and many now remember him as a true master hypnotist and a great teacher.

As a hypnotist, he was known for his 15-minute therapy which he has developed himself. He also had conducted various successful hypnosis workshops, and his online hypnosis course "Hypnosis Mentor" is now still available.

Who was Jeffrey Stephens? What is his 15-minute therapy about?

First of all, I'd like to tell you more about Jeffrey Stephens.

Jeff got into hypnosis when he was just 12 years old, because his mother knew a hypnotist. In addition, there was also a popular TV show called "The Amazing Kreskin" (who started to become a famous mentalist in the 1970s) that influenced him very much.

At such a young age, Jeff already gathered his courage to practice hypnosis with his friends.

Well, long story short, Jeffrey Stephens had hypnotized thousands of people over the last 40 or so years and it got more and more exciting and enlightening for him.

Here's what Igor Ledochowski, another master hypnotist, said about Jeff:

"Jeff is a true master of the direct art of hypnosis. He has developed a stunning speed hypnosis system with which ANYONE can induce the deepest trance."

As what has been mentioned previously, Jeff developed effective hypnotherapy techniques to help his clients in just 15 to 20 minutes, such as losing weight in 15 minutes, stop smoking in 15 minutes, and curing insomnia in 15 minutes.

How to do this kind of therapy is also explained in his "Hypnosis Mentor" video course, which reveals 10 step process to create rapid, positive change in as little as 20 minutes or less.

Jeffrey Stephens' course includes 8 Online Video Training Modules accompanied with detailed Hypnosis Manual to give you all the scripts, bullet-points and also hypnosis techniques.

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