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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Money In Your Mind Review

Master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski is not only good at teaching others how to hypnotize someone.

Igor is not just a master hypnotist, but he is also a Certified Success Life Coach and Trainer, so he is also great at teaching how to have a wealthy mindset like what famous coaches such as Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, and others do.

His excellent DVD training program on how you can be wealthier is called The Money In Your Mind.

What Is “The Money In Your Mind”?

The Money In Your Mind is a DVD course created by world renowned professional hypnotist and self-made millionaire Igor Alexander Ledochowski, consisting of 15 DVDs and 8 bonus CDs.

This training program is actually a recording of Igor giving a private and exclusive 2-day training to 9 people. The private seminar took place in a $16 million luxury mansion in the Bahamas.

One of the attendees of the private training was Bob Cobb from Ultimate Financial Advisor, Inc.

Bob Cobb

What will you get in the program?

Quick-Start Audio CD

First, you will get a quick start guide audio CD. This audio CD lasts for about one hour, and it is important that you do not skip this as this will help you tremendously to get the most out of the Money In Your Mind training program.

Then, you will also get 15 professionally filmed DVDs about Igor Alexander Ledochowski giving a private training to his 9 clients in a luxury mansion in the Bahamas.

Each of the DVD lasts for about 60 to 80 minutes.

In the DVDs, you will not only see Igor speaks, but you will also see the interactions between him and his attendees.

DVD #1 is called “The Wealth Blueprint That Makes You Rich”

This DVD starts with the introduction, where Igor emphasizes that The Money In Your Mind is not a get rich quick program.

I guess I need to repeat this:

The Money In Your Mind is not a get rich quick program!

And then it continues when Igor reveals the wealth blueprint that makes you rich, why the rich are getting richer, how to see the world as wealthy people do, and more.

DVD #2 is called “How To Automatically Raise Your 'Inner Wealth Ceiling'”

This part talks about the rich and their relationship to money, why Igor argues that we don't have the right to be reach, but we have a duty to be rich instead, and more.

DVD #3 is called “Destroy The Poverty Virus So Wealth Can Flourish”

Igor reveals the single biggest reason people never really get rich , the cure for the poverty virus, which is much easier than we think, and more.

DVD #4 is called “The Easy Way To Tap Your Own Financial Genius”

In this Money In Your Mind program, Igor reveals that you can be rich no matter how much your income is. In this part, he reveals the low-income miracle: how an unskilled worker managed to build a $4.5 million fortune! (and this is replicable to all of us).

DVD #5 is called “How to Grow Your Wealth On Autopilot”

Igor reveals “The Master Wealth Formula”, which is the subtle differences from what you know now (that change everything), what an old farmer knows about lasting wealth, and more.

DVD #6 is called “The Money Machine That Sets You Free”

Igor exposes how you can become much richer without getting a pay raise or otherwise increasing your current income, a new way of thinking that turns paupers into princess, and more.

DVD #7 is called “Hollywood's Nasty Conspiracy To Keep You In Debt”

Igor shows the trap that you must avoid at all costs regarding how to make money. He also reveals why you should not get your role models of wealth from TV and the movies.

DVD #8 is called “How To REALLY Make Money While You Sleep”

Igor talks about the 3 best and also easiest ways to earn money while you sleep. He also talks about the myth that high income equals freedom and what's really true.

DVD #9 is called “"Wealth Traps" That Cost You Money”

DVD #10 is called “Money Systems - Your Rock-Solid Key To Long-Term Wealth”

DVD #11 is called “A Simple Mental Shift That Turns Ideas Into Instant Cash”

DVD #12 is called “The Most Important Predictor of Wealth Ever Discovered”

DVD #13 is called “The Best Way To Speed Up Getting Rich”

DVD #14 is called “The Money In Your Mind – Advanced Secrets”

DVD #15 is called “The REAL Secret to Wealth: What Separates Billionaires from Millionaires” 

Screenshots of The Money In Your Mind DVDs

In the DVDs, as a hypnotist, Igor also guides the training attendees to practice MEMEs (Money Expanding Mind Exercises) that you can also practice to transform your wealth thinking and actions, starting at the subconscious level.

However, you will also get separate 8 audio CDs on these MEMEs.

Audio CD #1 is called “The Magic of MEMEs”

This CD contains an overview of how MEMES work for rapid learning and deep change with relaxation, and how to effectively use the MEME CDs.

Audio CD #2 is called “Relax into Riches”

Audio CD #3 is called “Your Vision of Success”

Audio CD #4 is called “Your Wealth Blueprint”

Audio CD #5 is called “Wealth Guardians” Audio CD #6 is called “Your Dreams Into Reality”

Audio CD #7 is called “Your Money Action Team”

Audio CD #8 is called “Getting Richer Every Day”

This audio CD contains easy MEMEs you can apply regularly to reinforce and expand your wealth consciousness. This includes a "reset" session, so that if overwhelm occurs, you can use this MEME to get rid of stress and restore your peace of mind.

If you purchase the complete The Money In Your Mind program, the DVDs will be shipped with free shipping in the USA. If you live in other contries, you will only need to add international $29.97 worldwide shipping.

Kemal Islamoglu, a life coach from Istanbul, Turkey, says the program is really worth the investment.

I've heard some people say that Igor talks a bit fast, so they also include the PDF transcript of the whole DVDs, so if you're not a native English speaker, this will be very helpful.

But what makes The Money In Your Mind different from other similar programs by big speakers such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, etc?

First of all, the teacher / mentor / speaker / coach in The Money In Your Mind program is Igor Ledochowski, and his background is hypnosis. In fact, Igor is one of the best teachers you can find when it comes to hypnosis (especially covert hypnosis) and many of his students from around the world have become successful hypnotists or trainers.

Therefore, Igor's approach is of course different from that of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and other speakers. And since he is an expert in hypnosis, you can count on Igor if you want to change your mindset.

Oh, do you know Joe Vitale, author and one of the experts featured in the movie The Secret?

One of his books, Hypnotic Writing, listed Igor in the bibliography:

Second of all, The Money In Your Mind is a private seminar so the atmosphere is absolutely much more intimate compared to a seminar held in a large hall with thousands of attendees.

The Money In Your Mind is just Igor sitting down teaching what he knows to his 9 students.

In fact, while watching the program, I personally feel like the 10th attendees in the room with Igor.

The private seminar is also interactive, so you will also listen to insightful feedback and questions from the attendees.

But in my opinion, if you've learned a lot of materials from Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, and other big speakers, I'm afraid that there won't anything new in The Money In Your Mind program.
If that is the case, I think the following quote from Bruce Lee is relevant:

That's right, empty the cup.

So if you're ready to "empty your cup" and go through the program, I highly recommend The Money In Your Mind.

What Luke Brady, mental performance artist, says about Igor's program.

What If You Don't Like The Program?

Igor Ledochowski recommends you watch one The Money In Your Mind DVD per day, so you will need just 15 days to complete the training.

But if you don't like the training, you won't have any risk as you have their 60-day iron clad full money back guarantee. So if during those 15 days of trying the program you are not satisfied at all, you can contact them.

This program is sold through Clickbank, and as far as I'm concerned, it is quite easy to get a refund from them. Just check out their support page here:

>> So now why don't you order The Money In Your Mind DVDs today? 


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